Demystifying Starseeds, Walk-Ins And Lightworkers

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I’ve received some questions about starseeds, walk-ins, and lightworkers in general. So let me explain my understanding about these concepts.  (Photo credit)


Souls can be categorized into two groups depending on their history: souls that started right from this planet Earth and souls that have been to other star system(s) prior to coming to Earth. I call each Earth souls and starseed souls.

This is a soul level issue. Being starseed does NOT mean an alien came down and impregnated your mother. On the physical level, you are the product of your biological parents. On the soul level, you have your own history.

Obviously, “starseed” is a catch-all term. Depending on which star system the soul has been, we can further divide starseed souls into specific groups (sometimes called soul families). This is what my starseed seres is about. So far, I’ve written about:

I plan to write about the other starseed groups including (I will add the links when I post the articles):

I’ve heard about other starseeds such as those from Mars, Maldec (the ancient planet that was located where the asteroids are currently), Vega, and Andromeda, but I have not seen them in my Akashic Record Reading practice, so at this time, I choose not to discuss them.

Also it is possible that a soul has visited two stars before coming to Earth. Usually, one of the two shows as the predominant influence on the soul. Depending on the order of the stay, I call these secondary originations underlay and overtone. For instance, my main identity is Blueprinter and my underlay is Mission Realmer. While my Blueprinter characteristics are quite pronounced, you probably wouldn’t see my Mission Realmer side until you get to see how I live on the day-to-day basis.

It is also possible, at least theoretically, to have three or more stars in your history, but I have never seen them.


Walk-in is a one time soul shift, as opposed to ongoing back-and-forth soul shift. Because you are your soul, in the physical form, once the walk in happens, you are the new soul. Don’t think you “lost” your true soul or someone is taking over you. You are your current soul. I know this concept is disturbing to some people, but this is how it is.

As I wrote in that linked article, there are many types of walk-ins, or one time soul shift. All can be about starseed or Earth soul.

For instance, a person may have had the Pleiadian soul until the Pleiadian exodus happened about ten years ago. When the Pleiadian soul left, another soul volunteered to switch in — without soul, the body is dead, and it’s such a waste to let a good body die.

The new soul may be an Earth soul or another kind of starseed soul, say, a Sirian soul. So this is the walk-in. The person would exhibit personality change quite abruptly. (And a big clear change in this example because Pleiadians are very characteristic souls.)

A notable case of walk-in is the Ascension soul shift. This is when the new updated version of the soul from the same Higher Self (or oversoul) walks in. The new soul vibrates in the higher dimension.

While other types of walk-ins can happen at any age, including childhood, Ascension soul shift seems to be the exception in that it usually happen only to adults. The youngest client who’s had Ascension soul shift was around eighteen years old. Most clients who goes through Ascension soul shifts seem to be well in their adulthood.


Lightworkers are souls that are evolving toward the Source, the Source of loving light energy of life. Most Earth souls and the aforementioned starseed souls are lightworker souls.

It’s a confusing term because it implies it’s about work. “Light being” or “positively evolving souls” would be a lot better term.

The opposite of lightworkers are the darkworkers, souls that have chosen to go away from the Source. I’m a bit annoyed to discuss darkworkers because some people are so afraid of even talking about them and think just talking about darkworkers make one a darkworker. I received some harassment emails after writing that post that says, “Akemi, you are going dark yourself”.

Geesh. I would rather die than joining the dark forces. Seriously. I know, as Akashic Record Reader, death is a lot easier to recover from than getting tied with dark forces.

Darkworkers are quite dumb about their decision to go against the Source. Because, if they are going against the only authentic source of life energy, how can they get their supply of life energy? They usually steal energy from the people around them. They have to sneak around or even disguise their own sense of self to get this done.

Some people define lightworkers as those who have taken up to work for the light, people who does lightworks such as healing and charity work. As Akashic Record Reader, I simply cannot agree with this definition, although I understand people want outwardly sign to tell if someone is a lightworker or not.

Through my Akashic Record Reading practice, I became aware quite a few darkworkers take these lightworker jobs. If you think about it, it makes sense. Who comes to healing service? Souls who are disturbed and distressed, and therefore unguarded. By being a healer, a darkworker gets a constant inflow of clients who are susceptible. They can fix some energy flow or give some nutritional advice, then take some energy from the clients.

This doesn’t mean all healers or others who are in lightworker jobs are darkworkers. No way. I like to think most of them are indeed lightworkers. It does mean, however, that we need to pay attention to the actual energy flow, not the job title and other labels, to understand who the person is.

Do you have any questions about these concepts? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

Starseeds: Pleiadians

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This is the fifth installment of the Starseeds series. For information about what starseeds are and what this series is all about, please read the first post here.

The Pleiades are an open star cluster, also called the Seven Sisters. It’s also called subaru in Japanese — yep, this is where the automaker’s name comes from.

Like Sirians, much has been discussed about Pleiadians. Pleiadians are very talkative, whether they are incarnated or not, and the non-incarnated ones have channelled a lot of information, resulting in a number of books such as The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light, The Ascension Guidebook: Pleiadian Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations that Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012, and Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution. Now I am mentioning these titles just for your reference — I have not read any of them. What I will write in this post is based on my training and my experience with my clients.

Also, Eric Pearl, founder of the reconnective healing, writes in his book The Reconnection, that he was told to be a Pleiadian. Although I haven’t read his Akashic Records, he indeed seems to be a typical Pleiadian to me.

Pleiadians’ gusto for change

Pleiadians have big visions and great communication skills to talk people into their grand visions. Pleiadians motivate people with the Nike’s motto: Just do it!

Pleiadians themselves live with this motto. Once they see the great beautiful vision, they are on the go. They will jump at their grand visions. Even if that means using a bit shifty, or downright mean, method.

I have nothing against the Pleiadians. I think some of the historical leaders, the ones that brought big changes with their charisma, may have been Pleiadians. But I have to be fair and tell you that many Pleiadians teamed up with darkworkers because of their zest for change and their “The end justified the means” thinking.

If you are a Pleiadian, please learn the virtue of looking around before jumping. I mean, just a little bit. You know you have hurt yourself, and some others, by your premature jumps. . . Learning some patience and aligning with Divine Light and Truth are essential for Pleiadians.

The Pleiadian exodus

Pleiadians’ alliance with the dark energy has caused their home star to be uninhabitable for a long time. Recently this problem was fixed. (How recent is a question that I’m not exactly sure yet, but I think it was somewhere between 1995 and 1999.) So many Pleiadians decided to go home.

Again many Pleiadians jumped to action. Why stay on Earth when you can go home? Why wait until you complete this lifetime? And regarding the travel issue — is there a way to travel light?

Many Pleiadian souls just got up and left. Because our soul is what animates our body and mind, this could mean sudden unexplainable death. It seems, however, many former Pleiadians had soul shifts, with new souls volunteering to take place and carry on life. (This is a different kind of soul shift from what I call Ascension soul shift. Here is an article about various types of soul shifts.)

The Pleiadians who are still on Earth

I’m assuming the Pleiadians who are still on this Earth are the responsible type who are willing to at least complete the lifetimes they’ve started. When they come to my Akashic Record Reading service, they often present with unique energetic issues: karma and etheric implants that they received from other Pleiadians who were leaving Earth. (Please read the article about Sirians about the basic idea of etheric implants.)

When you travel, you want to travel light. So many Pleiadians dumped their karma and etheric implants to those who are willing to stay. (I guess there were lots of tricks and twisted logics involved in this — remember, Pleiadians are great at persuasion.) Most of the time, these Pleiadians dumped their energetic baggage to other Pleiadians (including those whose underlay or overtone are Pleiadians). The receiving Pleiadian may have just one implant dumped by another Pleiadian, or they may have received multiple (sometimes dozens) karma and implants from multiple Pleiadians.

What is left are many Pleiadians suffering from karma and implants that they are not even responsible for to begin with. Oh, and many former Pleiadians who act quite differently now.

Pleiadians’ ideal

I don’t know if Pleiadians have a common ideal. I do know Pleiadians have ideals and they hold their own ideals high and dear. Again, they may even go to the far end and team up with the darkworkers for their ideal. While anyone has the potential to engage in darkness (typically for a quick personal gain), Pleiadians are more likely to do this.

And my advice is: Don’t go there. There are ways to actualize the ideal — it may take longer, but getting involved with dark energy is not worth it. When we are involved with dark energy, we get tied up with darkness. You may get what you want quickly, but then you begin to see the drawbacks. . .

Pleiadians’ gifts

Pleiadians’ biggest asset is their communication skills. They are natural marketers and salespersons, whether they are actually selling their business products / services or they are selling their ideas. Again, Pleiadians have big visions, and they incessantly talk about them to anyone who would listen (and some more), with enthusiasm and great sense of humor. Pleiadians are charming and entertaining.

Well, this is how Pleiadians are like in their originally meant way. Those Pleiadians who are weighed down with other Pleiadians’ karma and etheric implants would look quite different. These distressed Pleiadians know their potential but feel they somehow can’t operate at their full speed.

I may have sounded critical about the Pleiadians’ tendency to jump to action, but this, when done in alignment with Divine Light and Truth, is also a great gift. Many people are afraid of changes and stay stuck. Pleiadians are like a wake up call, or the sweeping whirlwind that motivate them to move forward.

Pleiadians’ challenges in loving relationships

If you like the particular way of a Pleiadian, nothing beats the company of him or her. Definitely invite them to your next party. They will keep the conversation flowing with lots of laughter.

The challenge? Hmm, there is not much middle ground with Pleiadians. You either love them or . . . you might as well stay clear. Don’t try to change them. Pleiadians are here to bring changes, and they are not going to change their daring way.

Obviously, a relationship with a Pleiadian will be very different from that with, say, a Hadarian or a Mission Realmer. Not that one is better than the other, but you need to know what you are getting into.

And if you are a Pleiadian, please loosen up a bit with your project to change your partner (or friends). . . I know you are frustrated how slow it is, but he or she just needs more time than you do.

Pleiadians’ challenges in career and finance

Pleiadians are the star players especially in sales and marketing. Pleiadians also make the leap to entrepreneurship daringly.

The challenge is the every day stuff. You know, once the excitement of setting goals settles down, the every day practical aspects of business (and life in general) set in. Doing the actual step-by-step work. Meetings. Administrative concerns. Like keeping books. Pleiadians are not good at these “boring” stuffs.

Pleiadians may benefit with teaming up with those who are good at doing these step-by-step detailed work. Like Alpha Centaurians and Sirians. Or Polarians. Outsourcing can be beneficial to both sides. (For instance, Alpha Centaurians take pride making sure all the details are addressed. They are not just good at detailed work, they like it. Talk about synergetic effects.)

I don’t know the details of my Pleiadian clients’ finances, but it’s not hard to imagine they are rather carefree spenders. Again, outsourcing — letting someone trustworthy and detail-oriented to manage their money — may be a good idea for some Pleiadians.

And it’s important for Pleiadians to learn appreciation for those who support them.

Pleiadians’ role on Eart

I would like to think those Pleiadians who are still on Earth are here for a reason. Ascension, the big shift of ages, is in process, and Pleiadians are invaluable in this challenge. Pleiadians inspire us to rise to this rare opportunity. Just do it. Get over your stories of the past. Move on.

My description of Pleiadians may make them look like such a secular, work-hard play-hard kind of people, but this is not necessarily so. Some Pleiadians are deeply into spiritual development.

And so, there may be even higher role Pleiadians can play in Ascension. At this time, many “spiritual” people are in their own way, quite isolated, as I wrote in the linked article. Pleiadians can be a great organizer, bringing them together by their great vision.

Each soul group brings unique gifts to this world, which compliment one another. I hope you are enjoying seeing this point in this Starseed series. Please let me know what you think by leaving your comment. Thank you. (Photo credit)

Ascension Soul Shifts Or Walk-Ins

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light ascension soul shift

This article fist provides the overview of various soul shifts, including what is sometimes called soul walk-ins, and how Ascension soul shifts are different from other kinds of soul shifts.  Then it offers updates on Ascension soul shifts.  (Photo by Matthew Stewart)

Soul shifts

There are two kinds of soul shifts depending on the logistics of the shifts:

  1. Ongoing soul shifts
  2. One-time soul shifts, or walk-ins

Further, #2 one-time soul shifts can be categorized depending on the nature of the soul shifts:

  1. Reinstatement soul shifts
  2. Complete possessions
  3. Placeholder soul shifts
  4. Special cases such as Pleiadean soul shifts
  5. Ascension soul shifts

Souls determine who you are, so when the soul shifts, you experience significant changes, such as changes in personality and your taste / preferences of foods, etc.  You may also experience physical changes such as allergies or pain (headache, etc) that are associated to one of the soul.

Ongoing soul shifts

Ongoing soul shifts involves two or more souls that come in and out of the body, back and forth.  Because a body can house only one soul at any given moment, when a soul makes its way into the body, the soul that has been in there before gets kicked out.  With ongoing soul shifts, the previous soul(s) attempt to get back to the body and they do.

This is extremely harmful and confusing both to the person and the people around him or her.  Usually one or more of the souls involved are negative souls, or darkworker souls.  The frequency of the shifts can vary from, say, daily to monthly or even annually.  This soul shifts can be stopped, and it’s a service I offer in my Akashic Record Reading.

I suspect at least some of the psychiatric patients may be suffering from this ongoing soul shift.  But ongoing soul shifts don’t necessarily look like psycho – it may be less pronounced as the host may be used to it and may have worked out a way to minimize its effects.

One-time soul shifts – Reinstatement soul shifts

One-time soul shifts are just that – one soul replaces the soul that has been in the body, period.  The five categories are about the nature of the shift.

A person can have multiple one-time soul shifts progressively.  The difference from ongoing soul shifts is that the previous souls do not get back to the body with one-time soul shifts.

When a soul is ready to incarnate in the physical body, it chooses the birth setting, comes to this side of the world, and starts nurturing the egg.  It actually gets in the body at the baby’s first breath.  Sometimes, however, another soul (usually a negative soul) pushes aside the soul that has been nurturing the new baby and gets in the body instead.

There are many, many souls hanging around and looking for a nice house – I mean, a body.  So although relatively rare, this kind of unfortunate event can happen.

Eventually, the originally intended soul may get a chance to come in the body.  I don’t know what enabled the soul to do this.  It is not something I can do for my clients, but I get clients who have had this happen before.  For these people, their childhood seems like someone else’s childhood.  Quite literally, it was.

“Reinstatement” soul shift is a term I just coined.  Not sure if the word describes the situation well because the originally intended soul was not quite established in the body – it was nurturing the new baby, but it gets in the body for the first time at the soul shift.  So if someone can think of a better term, please let me know.

Complete possessions

While most of the reinstatement soul shifts are about a positive soul getting in or taking over the negative soul, possessions are the other way around – a negative soul takes over the original soul, that are usually positive souls.

When this happens, it is not something I can fix or reverse.  I can clear negative entities in partial possession, but once the complete shift happens, whether to a positive or negative soul, then it is done.

Placeholder soul shifts

As I explained above, the soul nurtures the new baby and gets in the body at the first breath.  This is a critical and exciting moment for the soul.  Some souls, however, step back at this important moment.  It suddenly realizes it’s not ready for the challenges of the physical world.  Yeah, kind of like someone who doesn’t show up at their wedding.

Because a body can’t live without a soul (the soul is the life energy), this would result in a complete waste.  So another soul kindly volunteers to work as a placeholder until the originally intended soul is ready.  When it is ready, the transition of soul shift happens.

Both souls are probably positive souls but with different backgrounds.  So my clients who have had this kind of soul shift say they went through a significant change at the time.

Special cases of one-time soul shifts

There are other scenarios of the soul shifts.  For example, there is a group of souls from the Pleiades.  Many Pleiadean souls, however, left Earth recently (by recently I mean the 10 years period starting about 15 years ago ending about 5 years ago).  Long story short, those who had Pleiadean souls before are living with another soul after the original Pleiadean souls left.

There are various special cases soul shifts and the Pleiadean soul shifts are just one example.

Ascension soul shifts

Ascension soul shifts are another special kind of one-time soul shifts or walk-ins.  I can think of the following points how this is special:

  1. The new soul (the second soul) is the same kind (same origination and primary training) of the original, first soul.
  2. The new soul is a brand new soul that came directly from the ether and has no past lives. It is also a very advanced soul.
  3. The shift is somehow orchestrated.  It’s not a haphazard take over nor a replacement of the first soul that was not planned to be there – at least the second soul knows the first soul and walks in when the first soul completes its learning.
  4. It seems to happen only to adults.
  5. It seems to be happening to increasingly more people these days.  While there were some forerunners in earlier years, it’s happening in big numbers since December 2008.  Which makes me think this is to some extent a group action, likely related to planetary shift.
  6. Some individuals go through successive Ascension soul shifts.

I’ve already wrote about this Ascension soul shift (this is a term I coined, too) and its relation to planetary change that may reach critical mass in 2012, so please read that article.

Potential problems of soul shifts

Even when the soul shift is a positive one in nature, such as the placeholder soul shifts or Ascension soul shifts, there can be problems.  The previous souls that have completed their jobs get out of the body but are stuck there, unable to move on to cross over to the other side.  This can be really annoying to the new soul in the body.  I can clear this and it’s in full alignment with both souls’ highest good.

Ongoing soul shift is also I can take care of in my Akashic Record Reading service, as I mentioned earlier.

I want Ascension!

There are a lot of things I want in life.  Nice place to live, a loving boyfriend, great friends, hot sex, plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself. . . but there is nothing I want more than Ascension.  More than all of the above combined.

And it’s kind of silly because I don’t know exactly what it’s all about.  I just know this is something wonderful.  Unprecedented-level wonderful.

It’s not so long ago when I first heard of Ascension, in relation to enlightenment and 2012.  Back then, most important thing for me was to complete my life lessons.  If I complete my life lessons and die, that’s great, but if I don’t complete them, I’d have to repeat the learning process one more time at another lifetime.  That sucks.  So I worked on my learning fervently without really thinking what may await me after I complete them.  Then I heard of Ascension.

That was like getting the last piece of a puzzle or a key to the next level of journey.  All the things I had to go through in this life, all the ups and downs, fell into place.  I am ascending, and I am here to help others ascend.

Since I published my first article on Ascension and soul shifting, I have worked with quite a few clients who are going through this process.  It’s brilliant.

Free will and our spiritual evolution

There is, however, one thing I want to note for those who are afraid of Ascension.  If you absolutely don’t want Ascension soul shifting, I’m sure you can reject it.  I know Spirits always respect our free will.

Everyone I know who has had Ascension soul shift were open to spiritual evolution.  They may not have been expecting soul shifting because they didn’t even know about the concept, but they were open to all kinds of possibilities.

So please rest assured and stay where you are if that is what you want from the soul level.  Each of us is on a unique path, and I, like the great Spirit, respect your free will.

More questions about Ascension soul shifts

1. Isn’t it more appropriate to consider this change as the evolution of the one same soul?

My specialty as a psychic medium (I don’t necessarily like this term – I’m more reliable and real than what you may think as psychics) is to read people’s soul records, called Akashic Records.  I can count how many souls are involved in a soul shifting situation, tell you when or how often the shift happens, the characteristics of each soul, etc.

So I know the difference between a single soul’s evolution and soul shifting.  It also makes sense to consider this change as soul shifting because then it can explain the problem and its symptoms of the first soul getting stuck, which happens often.

2. Other psychics can’t read me.  Why?

The new soul you receive at Ascension soul shift is a very advanced soul, vibrating at very high dimensions.  By “very”, I mean the kind of level that I never heard of until this year.

There are a lot of discussions about how many higher dimensions there are and how we can measure them.  As an existence living in the third dimensional physical world, this discussion is very tough.  So, for now, I’m just accepting what my spirit guides tell me.

What we do know for sure is that a being in higher dimension has no problem accessing and understanding the lower dimensions, but not the other way around.  We have no problem understanding the two dimensions of length and width.  However, if there were beings that only  exist in 2D world, they wouldn’t understand the third dimension of height.

So, a psychic can only read for clients that are vibrating at the same level or lower than herself.  If they try to read for clients who are vibrating higher than themselves, well . . . they either don’t understand what they are getting or they don’t get anything.  At this point, the honest thing to do is just say “I don’t know”, but many people have problem saying these three little words.

It’s also possible that the psychic is vibrating high enough but doesn’t have the proper frame of reference.  We use our existing frame of reference to understand all incoming information, including spiritual messages.  So if the psychic doesn’t know about soul shifts or Ascension, she may not understand what she is getting.  (And here is me offering the info to all willing individuals.  Free and available 24/7 worldwide.  How’s that?)

By the way, while we have hard time understanding higher dimensions, it is possible to observe glimpses of the higher dimensions.  They are called synchronicities, spiritual revelations, or miracles.

3. How can I have Ascension soul shift?

I don’t know.  I don’t think you or I or anyone can cause it.  It happens when the timing is ripe.

I assume working on your life lessons and spiritual growth will accelerate the process.

This year, I launched my Spirit Guides Coaching, and so far, all the clients of this program have had Ascension soul shifts during or soon after the course.  This makes me think.

And while I can’t make it happen, I can often sense it’s coming.  I can say it’s likely to happen in certain timeframe.  (Just to be clear, this is not a prediction.  Our future depends on our action and free will.  I can only say certain likelihood.)

All right, this is all today.  Do you have questions about Ascension soul shifts or soul shifts in general?  Please let me know in the comment!