Starseeds: Mintakans (Orion)

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Here is a new post on starseeds. A note to new readers — if you find this too New Age, don’t worry, I will be posting more practical, inspirational posts, too. If, on the other hand, you find this intriguing, please check the linked article for the overview of starseeds.  (Photo credit)

Mintakans come from the star system of Mintaka, located in the constellation of Orion in its belt. Many Mintakans intuitively look to the Orion because of this. Their home star had multiple suns, so it was always bright and warm. It was a beautiful star of water, where the water was so clear that you could see miles away through it. I have the feeling they were living in the water like dolphins. I know there are many people who feel close to dolphins, and I wonder if they are Mintakans — I don’t know until I read their Akashic Records. I do know, however, Mintakans are large group among the starseeds.

Mintakans’ ideal

Mintakans see the world with their optimistic and idealistic eyes. Even when the going gets tough, Mintakans don’t stay distressed too long. Soon, they start thinking, “Okay, what can I learn from this?” rather than carrying their anger or sorrow. They always see the glass half full. This is wonderful — the world benefits from Mintakans’ positive attitude.

I don’t know, however, if Mintakans have a common ideal or vision they are working on as a group. To me, they seem to be just moving forward with their cheerleader-like attitude without the clear vision of where they are going.

On the personal level, Mintakans do have a common dream. I call it the Mintakan dream of working from home. Mintakans love their home. This is because their home star is no longer inhabitable and they cannot go home. Mintakans feel this loss on the deep level and have this unexplainable “homesickness” even when they are right at their earthly home. Many Mintakans become nesters, decorating their home beautifully, to ease this strange longing of true home. And they love staying at their beautiful home. To the point they want to work from there.

Mintakans’ gifts

The best gift Mintakans bring to this world is their never-ending cheerfulness and positivity. Mintakans are willing to see the good in everyone, and give second, or third, or fourth chance to others. Mintakans are friendly and happy to help others. My advice to Mintakans is to keep the positive cheer while paying due attention to whom they are giving energy to. (Remember the discussion of darkworkers?)

Another unique gift Mintakans have is the non-linear way they approach to life. Most of us are linear in our thinking — we tend to think one thing happens after another, and another, in a linear manner. So we approach life in a linear way, doing one thing, completing it before we start another.

Not with Mintakans. Mintakans do one thing, and before they complete it, move on to another, and then to the third, come back to the second project . . . and it all makes sense in them. Mintakans typically have many hobbies and totally enjoy dipping their hands in many things. This is how Mintakans are developing spiritually.

We can learn this approach from Mintakans. At the same time, Mintakans might want to show some consistency in their way of doing things when other people are involved because they have a hard time understanding what is going on. (“Where are we going for vacation? I thought you wanted to go to Hawaii. Now you want to go to Disneyland? I’m okay either way, but . . .”)

Oh, speaking of vacation, being close to very clear water is deeply nurturing for Mintakans because it reminds them of their home star. They might even want to live near the clear water.

Mintakans’ challenges in loving relationships

Mintakans are happy chatty type and easy to get along. It doesn’t take long to get to know Mintakans. In fact, I’m surprised how open and outspoken some Mintakans are. These are the ones who start telling me their love and sex life within ten minutes of the phone session. Mintakans talk (or even write) with lots of “!!!”

So Mintakans have many friends. But what about romantic relationship? I think the key challenge in Mintakan romance is to find a quality date — which is a challenge indeed when they have so many friends and constantly distracted with so many interests. As I review my clients file, I see some are happily married, some dating on and off, and some single. I honestly don’t see particular pattern here.

Mintakans’ challenges in career and finance

Again, Mintakan dream is to work from home, which often means starting their own business. (Hope they enjoy my eBook on self-employment.) This yearning seems to get only stronger as they get older.

Finance — I’m not so sure if Mintakans care about financial management. I’m not saying they cannot do it. Some of my clients are in management positions and I guess they are good at what they do, including managing money. Deep down, however, I have the feeling Mintakans enjoy spending big time.

Mintakans’ role on Earth

Mintakans have a wonderful way of lightening up people, and this world. They are well aligned with Divine Light. I guess Mintakans are great networkers among Lightworkers, supporting Ascension is a grass-root manner.

Starseeds: Blueprinters 3 Blueprint Deliverers And Changers

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Blueprint messengers
Okay, it’s been a while since I last posted about starseeds. My faithful readers, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. And my new readers, this is something you probably never saw elsewhere. Don’t be surprised. Starseeds are a kind of souls that are very developed and bring unique gifts to this Earth. If you are interested, here is an introduction to starseeds.  (Photo credit)

So this is the third post about Blueprinters. All Blueprinters share a lot of characteristics, so please read the first post on Blueprinters if you haven’t done so already.

First off, I don’t like the naming of Blueprint Deliverers honestly. If it’s delivery, like a FedEx delivery, once you deliver the blueprint, you are done. But Blueprint Deliverers continue to work on the message of the soul’s blueprint to this day. I’d rather call them Blueprint Messengers, but because some people are already familiar with the term Blueprint Deliverers, I keep using it (for now).

I also must tell you that I don’t have much experience with Blueprint Changers. I believe they are very rare. What I heard is they do the after-care service, like Xerox service guy. But then, Blueprint Technicians and Deliverers do the follow-up and repair work of the blueprints, too. Big time. I’m leaning to think Blueprint Changers as a special kind of Blueprint Messengers because of their small number and because I simply don’t see much distinction between Blueprint Deliverers and Changers. So if you are a Blueprint Changer, please know that the following applies to you as well.

What is a messenger?

Messengers don’t typically get much respect, so I think they deserve a good explanation. The best example I can think of is Barack Obama, especially during his presidential campaign in 2007.

Was it fun to listen to him? Did he change your idea about the possibilities of social changes? I guess he did. In the beginning, not so many people thought he would make it or thought the kind of changes he discussed were possible. But bit by bit, he influenced the audience. People started to think, “Maybe, just maybe, he has a point. Maybe we can . . .”

Now notice he is not the one who actually works on the detailed numbers or the exact implementation processes. These are done by some scholars and advisors. I’m sure he is very intelligent and has working knowledge of what he is talking about, but he is not the expert of any topics he talks about.

This is what messengers do. (I’m not saying Mr. President is Blueprint Deliverer. I don’t know because I haven’t read his Akashic Records. I’m just saying he is a good example of a wonderful messenger.) It may be possible to implement a plan without messengers, but without the inspiration and insights of the messengers, the change might take time and lots of bumpy turns.

Blueprint Deliverers’ ideal

As is true with all Blueprinters, Blueprint Deliverers know the original blueprints, the full human potential. What may be unique with Blueprint Deliverers is their willingness to work with souls who are so out of alignment with the original blueprint. These souls may be social underdogs. Or they may be well-educated and well-paid professionals who can’t even remember their life purpose, let alone living it. Either way, Blueprint Deliverers are willing to work with these not-so-spiritual people. (Which, I think, is a misnomer. We are all spirits living in physical bodies, so there is no one who is not spiritual, regardless how they act.)

Blueprint Deliverers’ ideal is that every soul finds his or her best-fit place in this world. Blueprint Deliverers have a knack at finding the soul level gifts in others and helping them utilize them in a realistic, practical way. I wish every company had Blueprint Deliverers in Human Resources. Often, when you are in the corporate world, you are so focused on climbing up the ladder that you forget to seek where you fit best. You don’t necessarily become happier the higher up you go. There is a kind of work and the level of responsibility that you serve best and feel best yourself. Blueprint Deliverers are good at finding this fit. I guess they make terrific career coaches, too.

In Blueprint Deliverers’ ideal world, each soul is appreciated for their unique contribution, rather than the social and financial status.

Blueprint Deliverers’ gifts

So Blueprint Deliverers have this insight about the best fit jobs, career paths, and social roles of every soul. This is a beautiful gift they bring to this world.

Blueprint Deliverers are also quite realistic in making this happen. While Blueprint Originators try to lead by example, and Blueprint Designers are busy creating whatever they like, and Blueprint Technicians tend to get stuck in their own head, Blueprint Deliverers are willing to learn practical approaches in order to help others shine their spiritual light, and consequently become efficient at it. This is another gift Blueprint Deliverers bring.

Interestingly, for this reason, Blueprint Deliverers themselves may not appear to be all that “spiritual”. For instance, some Blueprint Deliverers love talking about business.

A caution to Blueprint Deliverers is not to get overwhelmed with the bitterness of reality. Because Blueprint Deliverers are willing to deal with “un-spiritual” people and learn the practical approaches that work in the real world, they get to see a lot of ugly stuffs. Some Blueprint Deliverers even choose to be born to difficult situations so that they get to know firsthand what it is like to be so misaligned with the original soul blueprint.

All is well as long as the Blueprint Deliverers themselves stay aligned with Divine Love and Light. It’s quite easy for them to get deterred and become bitter themselves. I see many cases of this in my Akashic Record Reading. When they do carry the bitterness or cynical view of the world, Blueprint Deliverers are abrasive and quite difficult to deal with.

In order to serve as a good spiritual messenger, Blueprint Deliverers need to keep their clear awareness and not to mingle with the negativity of those people they try to help.

Blueprint Deliverers’ challenges in loving relationships

I’m afraid Blueprint Deliverers tend to get into difficult relationships especially when they are young. This is again in alignment with their purpose to learn what it is to be misaligned with the original blueprint so that later they can use the wisdom to help others. Nonetheless, I feel for them . . .

And as I wrote in the post about Blueprint Technicians, don’t be discouraged if the relationship Blueprint Deliverers create may not look like the conventional relationship.

Blueprint Deliverers’ challenges in career and finance

How well Blueprint Deliverers do in their career and finance depends on whether they can keep their clear awareness and memory of the original blueprint. When they do, they are great. Again, Blueprint Deliverers can be realistic and practical, so they can become a successful entrepreneur if they so choose. Abundance naturally follows.

When, on the other hand, they dip into bitterness of this world, they inevitably struggle. They may think unlucky things just happen to them, but the fact is they are inviting them themselves.

Blueprint Deliverers’ role on Earth

Messengers are like a catalyst. A catalyst is not a necessary ingredients in the transformation, but without a catalyst, the change may not happen or happen really slow. I think we can give more credits to messengers for this reason.

Our Earth is going through a major transformation. Blueprint Deliverers carry the flag and lead the crowd in this transformational process.

Do you have question about Blueprinters or starseeds in general? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment!

Starseeds: Blueprinters 2 Blueprint Technicians

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Blueprint Technicians form a subcategory within the Blueprinters group. All Blueprinters share a lot of characteristics, so before we get to the specific characteristics of Blueprint Technicians, please read the first post on Blueprinters if you haven’t done so already.  (Photo credit)

After Blueprint Originators worked on the general concept of the Earth experiment and Blueprint Designers worked on the aesthetic aspect of the blueprints, Blueprint Technicians worked on the technical side of blueprints. This includes (but probably not limited to) the energetic grid system on Earth, the chakra system in our body, the meridians, and twelve strands of DNA. So for Blueprint Technicians, the study of energy anatomy comes quite easily — for them, these topics are something they can recall, not something they need to study from scratch.

Blueprinter Technicians’ technical yet creative expertise

Blueprint Technicians are very good at technical and analytical thinking. While Alpha Centaurians (and many unstuck Sirians) like to apply their technical thinking to practical problems in a down-to-earth, let’s-roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-it-done manner, Blueprint Technicians are more about theories and abstract thinking. They are very detail-oriented, and can form a perfectly organized theory.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Quite a few of my Akashic Record Reading clients who turn out to be Blueprint Technicians bark at hearing this, saying, “I can think in technical terms, but I consider myself to be more creative / intuitive.”

Then they email me saying something in the line of — “I’ve been doing the 21 day clearing homework every night before going to bed. Next week, I need to travel on business to different time zone area, and if I do the homework before bedtime there, that would be after midnight by my local time. So I’d go without clearing for more than 24 hours. Is this a problem, and how can I best address this problem?”

Ah, such a Blueprint Technician question.

Blueprint Technicians created the energy system, so they are creative. Just by glancing the wide range of professions of my Blueprint Technician clients, this is obvious. They include not just the typical technical professions such as engineers and doctors but also business analysts, market analysts, philosophers, musicians, and more.

The last one, musician, is quite notable. In my small practice, I’ve already had several Blueprint Technicians who are professional musicians and a few more who are professionally involved in the music industry. Music is math, I heard . . .

Blueprint Technicians’ ideal

Like all other Blueprinters, Blueprint Technicians’ ideal is to restore the original blueprints. Many Blueprint Technicians are very active in this effort. They nudge, preach, coach, write, encourage the true human potential to enlighten the public. (They are also big on repairing and improving stuffs and processes.)

Another ideal is to balance the head and the heart. This is a big challenge for Blueprint Technicians themselves. Blueprint Technicians placed too much emphasis on the thinking mind when they worked on the original blueprints. As a result, many people started to identify with their thinking mind (or ego) rather than with their soul. They largely ignore or despise the function of the feeling heart, which can work as the gateway to the spiritual world.

Blueprint Technicians have realized this problem and are working on repairing it. The mind is a tool of the soul. It’s a wonderful tool, but it’s a tool. We are not our brain, not our thoughts. We are the soul with thinking mind and feeling heart.

Again, this is a big challenge for Blueprint Technicians themselves. Many Blueprint Technicians are still living the over-emphasis of the thinking mind themselves. These are serious kind of souls with little sense of humor and little room for forgiveness (including forgiveness for themselves). So these Blueprint Technicians are starting to learn how to get outside of their head a little bit. They can fix the blueprint problem only after they work on their own tendency.

And I guess some Blueprint Technicians are mastering this. When they do master the balance of the head and the heart, Blueprint Technicians are very empowered.

Blueprint Technicians’ gifts

Again, Blueprint Technicians have deep understanding and insights about the human potential, the original blueprint. And Blueprint Technicians can support their understanding with strong analysis and theory, if they so choose.

I’m watching with great curiosity how Blueprint Technicians go around with their gifts. On the one hand, they have strong analytical skill. On the other, they feel the need to balance the head and the heart. These two drives may seem contradictory sometimes. How are they going to integrate them in a creative way? Very interesting.

Blueprint Technicians’ challenges in loving relationships

A lot of the things I had to say about Blueprint Originators and Designers apply to Blueprint Technicians as well. Perhaps the difference is in the flavor — no matter how they may appear to be, Blueprint Technicians are quite serious and inflexible kind of souls, I think. This is fine (it means they are reliable solid ones), but it may cause some difficulties in romantic relationships where there are no real rules and most things are about emotions.

I think it’s essential Blueprint Technicians learn how to have fun. And to let go of control. And to relax.

I know these are the last things you want to do when you have difficult marriage. And many Blueprint Technicians voice such challenges. Yet, I still have to say this — go have fun. Learn to laugh. Get out of your head and send more energy to the heart.

And as I wrote in the first post about Blueprinters, don’t try to fit into the conventional norm of relationship and family. Blueprinters can create new style of relationship and family that are more in tune with the original blueprint of love.

Blueprint Technicians’ challenges in career and finance

It looks like most Blueprint Technicians know what they are good at and therefore I don’t think they need much advice in their career choices. Anything to do with repairing imperfections and bringing out the perfection in people, things, and processes are good.

The only thing is about balancing their abundance awareness with their career choices.

In our current society, we have a stereotype about job and pay. For instance, doctors are supposed to make a lot of money, whereas life coaches are not. So when someone in the medical field realizes they want to have more direct communication about the human potential, perhaps as a life coach, they face the potential of income loss. This can be scary.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. This person may become a successful life coach and make a lot of money. But as long as this person buys into the social stereotypes, they are bound with negative abundance awareness. Blueprint Technicians are certainly not the only one who are likely to make this mistake, but they are quite susceptible because they are so in their head. Which is ironical when you remember Blueprinters created the original blueprints and should be the last one to buy into social stereotypes . . .

Blueprint Technicians’ role on Earth

Blueprint Technicians are the core group in Blueprinters. While Blueprint Originators are reserved and somewhat detached from reality, and while Blueprint Designers are busy just creating and creating in their own way, and while Blueprint Deliverers are good as a messengers but lack the in-depth technical understanding of the blueprints, Blueprint Technicians are diligent on their mission to repair the original blueprints supported with their analytical expertise. Plus, I believe Blueprint Technicians are the largest subgroup in the Blueprinters.

As they are working on the repair of the blueprints that have been corrupted by the negative forces, Blueprint Technicians are likely to meet many negative souls in their lives. Many Blueprint Technicians take up this challenge courageously and boldly. They remind me of some angel warriors in a humanely toned down manner. Or, when their boring side is more predominant, they look like those who work for security systems. Just metaphorically speaking:)

I hope more and more Blueprint Technicians wake up to embrace their soul gifts as we proceed in the shift of ages. This Ascension takes all the contributions of all the awakened souls, and Blueprint Technicians are certainly the essential part.

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