Death, Afterlife And Immortality

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Death is supposed to be the source of biggest fear. What is death? What happens after we die? Is eternal life possible? If we are all destined to die, what is life about?

The time is ripe for this discussion as we, and the Earth, progress in light ascension. (Photo credit)

What is life?

To know death, we need to know life.

A few decades ago (I’m writing from my memory of advanced biology course I took at school, so please excuse the lack of details), scientists wanted to find out what makes a life form different from a non-life form. So they simplified and studied the single cell creatures. They identified only two factors that distinguish single cell life forms from mere bubbles.

1. Life forms have cell walls that differentiate the inside of their body from the outside fluid. Life forms “know” what is me and what is not. This makes it possible to take in outside stuffs as nutrition of the inside and excrete what is not necessary. (Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton maintains cell membrane is like the brain that plays central role to sustain us.)
2. Life forms have chromosomes that enable them to replicate, or reproduce, themselves.

So they made an artificial life form with cell wall and transplanted chromosome. That was easy with genetic technology. But the “life form” was not alive. They gave it electric shock, etc, but just couldn’t bring it to life.

Conclusion: There is something invisible that makes organisms alive. Let’s call it life force.

We now jump to a more complex life form, humans. I say “jump” because I think there is a bit of a discrepancy somewhere along the line of biological evolution. We, too, live on life force. But with humans, I recognize the driving power as our souls. Our souls direct the intake of the life force. Is a soul made of life force and the two really are one? I don’t know.

What we can learn from this experiment, however, is the idea that death is the end of everything doesn’t make sense. The idea that everything about you is over when your heart stops beating and your brain stops giving electric waves is limited to the physical, visible function of the body. There is invisible part about you, the life force and the soul (or whatever you want to call it).

What is death?

Now you know there are macrophysics and microphysics, and scientists are trying to come up with the Theory of Everything (TOE) that explains both. So I can explain the relationship of the soul (spirit) and the body in two ways.

On the macro level, we can observe the soul and the body as separate beings. A soul gets inside the body at the baby’s first breath of life and leaves the body at death (spare various cases of soul shifts). So on this level, death is about our soul leaving the body.

On the micro level, the soul and the body are one. The soul is energy, and it can take a dense form of body, which is also energy. Death, then, is the resolution of this dense energy body to another form of energy. Think of the transformation of ice – water – steam. They are all the same stuff, but they look different and act differently. None is better than the other. If the ice puts down the steam because the steam is invisible, it would be ridiculous. So physically incarnated souls are no better than spirits without the body after their “death”.

How these two views can be reconciled neatly, I don’t know at this time.

But in either case, I see the essence of me, the soul, doesn’t die. “I” can leave the vehicle I’ve been driving (macro level explanation) or I can dissolve / transform the body to some other form of being (micro level explanation).

What matters is if I do it consciously or not.

Conscious vs accidental transition

In conscious transition, the “I” knows what I am doing. Despite the appearance of “death,” my consciousness keeps on seamlessly to another form of being.

But if the transition happens without your awareness, it would feel accidental, and you may feel like a victim. While you are on this side. (I believe that once the transition happens, we all get to figure out we are “okay”.) (I’m using the word “accidental” meaning not fully consciously controlled. It doesn’t mean the death is caused by accidents.)

Just to be sure, by conscious transition, I don’t mean suicide. What I mean is the conscious opting out. The majority of death is accidental and not fully conscious no matter how old the person is or whatever the cause of death is.

What happens in afterlife?

As Akashic Record Reading specialist, I am the expert in beforelife. I can tell you about your past lives and the place we go in between physical incarnations. Again, this is the macro level explanation.

What happens after this life is an interesting question for all of us alive today ^_^. Do we repeat what we’ve been doing, that is, cross over to the other side, review our life, rest, and come back later? (If you are interested in more details of the process on the other side, please check Dr Michael Newton’s “The Journal of Souls”) Can we choose not to incarnate any more? If so, are there any requirements, like a certain level of “enlightenment” or vibrational rate?

Our souls can keep going beyond physical deaths. But is physical immortality possible? If it’s possible, is it something you want?

How do you want it?

I’m opening up the discussion here because I think this is up to our free will. Let me sum up the possible options:

1. To die (most likely accidentally) and reincarnate, like we’ve been doing for eons of time
If you choose this option, why? Are there something you want to keep doing in the next life? Is this present life not long enough to do it? Are you postponing something? Or is it about helping others in this world and you can best do it as incarnated being?

2. To die (most likely accidentally) and not incarnate again
Again, why? Is your choice based on hate of this life and the world? Or is it simply because you’ve had plenty and even the good stuff is enough after certain time?

3. To consciously transition or transform your physical body to some other form of being
One of the other form of being is called lightbody. This is what I aspire to do. If you are into continuity, one thing we want to check is we are not choosing this out of fear of death.

4. To keep going in the same physical body
I guess this is what Robin at Let’s Live Forever! stands for. The physical body is just a form of energy, so rather than transforming it to another way of being, keep healing and mending it forever. If it involves temporary death, this may mean resurrection.

5. (Well, as I wrote, I don’t support this view, but if you still like it) To die is to die, the end, period. Death means end and there is nothing after that. Because this view doesn’t acknowledge the invisible being (soul), the death must be accidental. 

6. To die  and go to heaven. Or hell. Depending on the judgement.  I don’t get this idea because God is love and we are God, so why do we judge ourselves to reward or to punish?

7. We lose our individuality at the transition and merge with God.  I guess this can happen both with conscious transition and accidental one.  It’s based on a different level of . . . well, what shall I call it . . . model. 

Are there other options?

Further resources:
Here is a movie about afterlife (HT: Evita Ochel)

Here is a discussion about physical immortality on Oprah’s website, started by Dr Janni Lloyd. 

And is our perception of life and death “real” to begin with? Here is my own post of the nature of reality.

So let me know what you want in the comment. Also, let me know if thinking about life and death give you clarity about the meaning of life.

Online Gratitude Journal August 2009 Edition #32

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Well, August is not quite over yet, but I’m posting this monthly gratitude review a little early for a few reasons. For one, I’m moving next week. (More about this when I actually get there.) And also, I had the honor of being interviewed by Evita and I want to share this news sooner. And oh, I just got a prize! (Photo credit)

August in Review

This month was about letting go of things that use to work but not any more, putting closures, and transitioning to something new and unknown. I just sold my computer desk (you know, the huge desk we used when the desktop computer and tube monitor were so bulky and heavy). I’m going through my stuffs and dumping / donating / selling so many books, clothes, what not. I want to simplify my life. I did a major purging only a year ago, but I’m going further this time.

I think it’s critical to do this cleansing with gratitude. I’m not letting go of these stuffs because I hate them. I’m grateful for them — we spent many happy hours together. Thank you. Hope the next owner love them, too.


So, the interview. I love interviews because they give me opportunities to examine my life and business from fresh perspective. And Evita asked great questions! Do head over to check it out. Thank you, Evita!

And I won a prize at Kim & Jason. Kim & Jason has a cute blog and they publish great video clips regularly. What a surprise it was to watch them pronounce my name (yes, Kim, you pronounced it right ^_^) in the video! I’d like to think this is a wonderful sign for my relocation. Thank you!


Like, accepting changes? Not that I don’t like changes or I don’t like the specific change I’m facing. On the contrary, I think this move will be fantastic. It’s just this is exactly the kind of situation when my Mission Realmer underlay comes out to play. This new town seems just so . . . different. From any towns I’ve ever lived (in Japan, Australia, and the US). It’s so small and maddeningly peaceful. I . . . I . . . ‘m just not used to this . . . aaaaagh.

(Don’t worry, I will get through this.)

Where in the blogosphere Akemi has been

One of my core message is “You are creating your own life and the world.” You are not a slave nor an order taker. There is no God who wrote your missions on a stone and has been watching your progress, who will judge you and punish you if you fail to live up to his demands. You are God.

But what does it really mean in our day-to-day life? Well, check out this post by Steve, aka brip blap. If you don’t like something in your life, you can change it. Against odds.

And how about eternal life as the ultimate creation? Here is an intriguing post at Oprah’s website (HT: Robin at Let’s Live Forever!). My understanding is, if someone is traveling freely in the higher dimensions, that is not the same physical body as we have known, but it’s lightbody. So physical immortality is about developing lightbody instead of dying.

The idea of immortality may seem far-stretched, but do check it out. The author of the post, Dr Janni Lloyd, is very knowledgeable and I like what she has to say.

The web is full of wisdom. Thank you.

A year ago at Yes to Me

What’s the best thing that can happen?” Thank you, that’s what I myself need to hear.

Word of month

Open to the state of grace — using the energies of praise, love and gratitude for EVERYTHING in your life will move you from the law of karma to the law of grace. — from Janni’s post on

Take care, everyone, enjoy today!

Starseeds: Procyans

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Procyans are rare starseeds. You may never meet Procyans, but if you do, they are quite noticeable. Not much is known or discussed about Procyans because of their rarity.

I’m not sure which physical star Procyans come from. I was told their name is “Procyan” but as I check the names of the stars, the closest match is Procyon. (Photo credit)

Procyans and Breatharianism

I sense the home star of Procyans (whether it is Procyon or not) was filled with brilliant glowing light. So Procyans love sunny climate. All of my Akashic Record Reading clients who turn out to be Procyans live in the sun-filled areas such as Florida, Hawaii, California, Arizona, and India.

Spending time in the sun is not a luxury but a necessity for Procyan’s well-being because Procyans assimilate the sunlight energy. This is not something Procyans do consciously. Just as we don’t really know exactly how we digest and assimilate foods, Procyans naturally take in the energy of sunlight and use it for their own good. I guess Procyans just know they need to be in the sun.

This is a form of breatharianism, or living on light. I say it’s “a form of breatharianism” because there are other kinds, such as living on white lights, or the wider spectrum of Light beyond sunlight, as I discussed in relation to developing lightbody. So if we humans are indeed evolving to become lightbodies, we have much to learn from Procyans.

Because Procyans fill part of their energy requirement by being in the sun, they don’t need to eat so much and they can stay slim naturally. Procyans seem to love their physical bodies and sensations their bodies provide. Many are quite blessed with athletic abilities. I’ve had three full-time Procyans (by this I mean their origination are Procyans only, not having Procyans as their underlay or overtone), and two of them are in fitness business. I also heard Procyans have mysterious beautiful eyes, but because I don’t get to see my clients (my readings are done in distance by emails and phones), I have not confirmed this info. Perhaps I should start asking my Procyan clients to send me their photos . . .

Procyans’ ideal

Procyans ideal can be found right here and now. Let’s sit in the sun and enjoy the light and warmth. Enjoy the sensation of exercise and sex, too. How sad so many people ignore these simple blessings and run around with their to-do lists. Procyans know life is good.

Procyans can be divided into two groups depending on why they are here on Earth, and this affects their sense of mission. Procyan home star has been taking isolation policy since Hadar was invaded by negative forces. For eons of time, Procyans kept the energetic shield around their home star for the sake of security. Procyans who live outside of their home star (like Earth) are either those who volunteered to be out to work with other starseeds or those who happened to be outside the shield when this measure was taken and could not get back home.

So those Procyans who are here voluntarily have a strong sense of helping others. These Procyans advocate the enjoyment of life earnestly. The Procyans who got kicked out of their home accidentally may be feeling at a loss about what to do with their life here.

Procyan home star recently changed their policy and lifted their shield. So Procyans can go home now. I think Procyans are feeling excited about this, the sense of excitement they can’t explain on the mental level. Many Procyans are also feeling the sense of urgency to complete whatever projects they have started in this lifetime. They are planning to leave for home after their current lifetimes. (Unlike many Pleiadians, Procyans seem to be staying to complete the lifetimes they have started here.)

By the way, when I say, “Procyans are planning to go home after this lifetime and so this is their last incarnation on Earth.”, it doesn’t mean they must go home. We all have free will, and I’m sure Procyans, or anyone, are allowed to stay if that is what they want. Keep in mind, however, that your attachment to Earth life may be largely coming from your mind, not your soul.

Procyans’ gifts

I think many Procyans are very psychic. It’s a unique kinesthetic kind of psychic power.

We often associate psychic / spiritual development with tranquility, like sitting quietly in meditation. For many people, this works because quieting down the ego’s chatter is the first step to listen to our intuition. The problem here is that we tend to look down on our own physical bodies as something less than our spirit.

The truth is that our physical bodies have uncovered abilities and can work as a pathway to spiritual world. Ultimately, all physical matters are made of energy, the spirit.

I think Procyans present a unique perspective to achieve this path to spiritual development. In other words, Procyans can work as the catalyst to overcome our duality of body vs spirit, or physical vs spiritual.

On the more practical level, I think many Procyans enjoy great physique and athletic wellness. Think about ancient Greek culture.

Procyans’ challenges in loving relationship

Hmm, I find it hard to point out “challenges” in Procyan life. Not that Procyans are problem-free. How can I say it . . . I think Procyans have a different way of dealing with “challenges.”

As a rare starseed group, Procyans may feel they are “different” and may suffer from the inner sense of isolation and not being understood. This sentiment is quite common among all starseeds because starseeds are minority on Earth, but it can be quite intense for Procyans. Again, Procyans are rare and it’s possible for a Procyan to not know any other Procyans.

(Other rare starseed groups include Spicans, Arcturians, and Nihals, especially adult Nihals. And, while Blueprinters as a whole group is fairly large, some subgroups of Blueprinters, such as Blueprint Designers and Blueprint Changers are rare. I will be writing about these starseeds — please allow me some time. I myself have some questions about these starseeds at this time.)

I think Procyans love to be in loving relationships and they probably make great lovers. In fact, too much sexual drive could be an issue. . .

Procyans’ challenges in career and finance

It seems those Procyans who are here voluntarily have a strong sense of helping others and so they might dare to start their own business. Oh, and considering Procyans’ love for freedom, they may be attracted to be a freelancer rather than working in the corporate world.

I think Procyans have a very open attitude about money.  So many people are afraid of talking about money and this closed-up attitude get them in financial difficulty.  Not with Procyans.  Procyans talk about money just as they would talk about any other topic.  While Procyans may not be particularly wealthy, they are quite generous with money.  I guess this is a way of mastering money.

Procyans’ role on Earth

Procyans bring a unique perspective to our Earthly life. Life is not meant to be a struggle. The joy is as available as the sunlight. Lighten up.

And as I wrote, Procyans can be the catalyst to overcome our dualistic view of body vs spirit. We can approach spirituality in a very physical way, like eating (or not eating), exercising, and making love. Our body’s sensation is not “low,” like some religions teach.

Well, this is all I can think of about Procyans. If you are a Procyan and want to pitch in, please do so in the comment. I also love to hear what others think about this unique soul group. Thank you.

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